Favorite Summer Candles


Alright, I am totally channeling my inner Jennifer Candle Vlogger for this post! (Snaps for you is you get that reference) Recently, John and I went on a shopping trip. We walked past the Bath and Body Works store and in the window there was a Semi-Annual Sale sign. That is when I blacked out and about an hour later came too with a bag full of summer candles. I can't be held accountable for my actions...You know when you went too crazy at B&BW when you leave with a large bag and the nifty little candle egg crate carriers thing at the bottom...     

Any-whoo, today I am sharing my favorite summer candles. Summer scents are my favorite!! (Side note: For YEARS I have been on the search for a perfume that smells like suntan lotion, so if you have any recommendations, please share.) When it comes to candles, I love fresh green or fresh tropical scents. Pretty much anything with palm, coconut, green, grass, or leaves in the title. Bath and Body Works always does an amazing job with this, so I tend to stock up with a few at the beginning of the summer.  

Palm Leaves & Mango


Fragrance Notes: Paradise Mango, Palm Fronds, Creamy Coconut Milk, Warm Island Woods

This candle is the perfect blend of fruity and fresh. I don't like when fruity scents are sickly sweet, so the lighter the better. This candle is the perfect example of a lighter fruity smell. It's very nice.

Sea Grass


Fragrance Notes: Sweet Island Sugarcane, Rustling Sea Grass, Sparkling Clear Water

I would say that this candle smells like more of a green island fresh as opposed to a fruity fresh. It has light sweet notes, but mostly you get that green smell. It's weird to say that something smells green, but it's totally a thing. If you like fresh scents, then you will know what I mean. :) 

Beach Cabana


Fragrance Notes: Beachside Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Warm White Sands

First of all, can we just take a moment to appreciate that copper lid? There is something so satisfying about copper or rose-gold accents. I'm going to say that this candle smells like tropical musk. It's definitely got tropical notes, but it has more like an aftershave type smell if that makes sense... It reminds me of a tropical sandalwood kind of scent. I'm excited to see what this smells like when I burn it.

Tomato Vine


Fragrance Notes: Sun-kissed Tomato Leaves, Fresh Spring Greens, Hint of Lemon

This is one of my favorite scents ever. It is SO GOOD. Legit it smells like a veggie garden of like you were to walked into a garden, shoved your face into a tomato plant, and took a whiff. It is the freshest green smell and it is perfection. I am obsessed. 


It is kind of difficult to describe scents, but I hope that you understood what I was trying to describe.

Have a lovely day!