She’s Back Ya’ll

Long time no blog! It’s been awhile, my sweet pretty little secret blog. (See what I did there... ;) ). I’m not planning on doing one of those cheesy update posts, but I will lay out the highlight reel. Since my last post I went on an amazing honeymoon to Europe, got a new job as a teacher, found out that I was pregnant and had a baby nine months later. It’s been a crazy two years. Now I am currently on summer break, sitting next to my beautiful sleeping baby, drinking a La Croix and writing this post while watching Dead to Me on Netflix (what a great show!). Yep, that’s about it. I plan on picking up my little hobby again, because I feel like if I don’t I am going to go into a stir crazy creative rut.

Anyways, I have a few posts planned and I want to journal this summer, so stay tuned! :)